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Puerto Vallarta Daily News is excited to announce a new chapter in how we deliver news to Puerto Vallarta and beyond with PVDN-TV.

The current pandemic and our desire to be responsible influencers have left us broadcasting from the ‘news desk’ with the daily top stories from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and around Latin America. However, our goal for the next season is more interviews, out-and-about in Puerto Vallarta, and introducing you to local life along with the daily news report.

Axel Sánchez and Felipe Álvarez are the hosts of PVDN-TV. Axel is a known actor from telenovelas Corazón en condominio and Un escenario para amar. He was the first actor to be featured in two telenovelas simultaneously on television in Mexico. Axel’s musical career started as a contestant in the singing competition La Academia, and today is part of the singing group Leyenda Inmortal.

Felipe Álvarez has had leading roles in musical productions in Mexico such as “Grease”, “Bule Bule el Show”, “Rent” and “Footloose”. In 2019, he was part of the English production of “Rock of Ages” in the Riviera Maya. He recorded the theme song “Unconditional” for the telenovela “Mi Marido tiene más familia.” Most recently, Felipe received attention for his appearance on The Voice, most notably his performance of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

Puerto Vallarta Daily News (PVDN) is Puerto Vallarta’s most-read English published news outlet and one of the top English publications in Mexico. PVDN reports on a wide range of topics, including local, national, and international news of the day. PVDN-TV officially launched on the seven-year anniversary of PVDN, which launched on April 5, 2014.